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Portland and Lincoln City, Oregon
Happy New Year !!!!
Readings on the Oregon Coast @
Sapphire Center
Lincoln City, Oregon
Place: 4844 SE Hwy 101
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
Phone: (503) 962-9251

Friday & Saturday –  January 18th & 19th  2018
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

I am Clairvoyant and have been blessed with the ability to channel higher guidance from your personal Spirit Guides and/or your loved ones. Their words are loving, honoring, supportive and healing in a meaningful message that is meant especially for you.

Our work together will help you achieve what it is that you seek most.

Readings may involve messages about current and/or past life issues, dream interpretation, or suggestions and guidance to assist in your healing and growth. The guidance channeled through me, helps you understand what it is that you may need and desire. They can support the positive choices you are making, giving credence to your decisions as you journey forward in life.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the wisdom and insights from the realms of Spirit.
May the Goddess of Happiness be with you.
A Woman’s Gathering

Sunday – February 11th 2018
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

SE Portland
Phone: (503) 962-9251

As woman, our lives have a tendency to center around our family, work and friends. We give so much of ourselves to those we care about, at the end of the day we can feel depleted and tired.  I have created a space, gathering, for you to come and be heard, to discuss what is happening in your life, and then take you on a journey for you to gain insight into your challenge or issue.  I utilize multi-cultural tools to create a space for everyone to open up and talk and be heard. You then can share your insight with the group. It is a process to release the thoughts that keep running in our minds about the decisions we could have, should have, or would have chosen had we known beforehand the outcome of our choices or it can simply be the moment you decide you are ready to let go and move forward, starting fresh with a new outlook. We also call on our Higher Selves to hear our desires and manifest them into reality. It is meant to be a journey filled with gratitude, understanding, and equally a process of honoring our past as valuable life lessons, bringing renewed strength and energy into your personal space.

Each Woman’s gathering is tailored to what is happening in our lives at that time, and the collective life influences of everyone so that every gathering is a unique experience. You are invited to attend each month as each event has a different teaching. These gatherings are scheduled once a month on a Sunday night to make it easier for you to attend.

New and returning women are always welcomed.
Cost $20.00 
Crystal of the Month
SE Portland 

Tuesday – February 20th 2018
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Portland ~ Sellwood 

~ Pink Opal  ~
Pink Opal is a stone of peace and harmony for our aura, and especially for the healing of ones emotions. When it comes to the heart, this stone is a wonderful stone of love, be it for oneself or for lovers. Pink Opal is a stone of hope, joy, and compassion, helping one to release in a gentle way the past sorrows from our hearts. Ancient Romans associated opal with good luck.
Class held in Portland ~ Sellwood neighborhood ~

How do you use gemstones?
Do you see visions when gazing into rocks?

Crystals include rocks, stones, and gems along with all other aspects of the Mineral Kingdom. Learn how to connect with your stones. I teach you how to use Crystals to help you in all areas of your life, be it you bring in abundance, release old fears, or empower you to follow your truth.
Journey with your crystals via guided meditation. Find new and interesting ways meditation can help you improve your life.

We journey as a class with the crystals. Sharing your journey after with the group, you may find that others experiences may also resonate with you. We are all unique individuals, yet we can share similar experiences.

Wear crystals, gemstones, and rocks to help you along your path. Include them in your home and work environment as wonderful healing allies.

Cost: $20.00
Sapphire Center
Gifts to Delight…
Lincoln City, Oregon
Place: 4844 SE Hwy 101

Lincoln City, Oregon 97367
Phone: (541) 992-4443

Located in South Lincoln City, Oregon is the place to go for gifts to delight all ages, be it your loved ones or yourself. They have been open for over 4 years now and continue to enjoy the experience of providing our community with a large selection of gifts; but also a warm, pleasant atmosphere for everyone who comes through our doors.
Wonderful gifts for all
Local Art – Jewelry – Crystals – Greeting Cards -Books – Incense
Children’s section full of Dragons – Fairies – Dinosaurs – Furry Bones – Books gifts to delight the young.

Your South Lincoln City Gift Shop.

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503-992-4443 / 503-962-9251

I am very grateful to all those I have had the pleasure to meet and serve. I continue to wish those I meet a happy prosperous life.