Personal Growth & Transformation Through Healing


Along with our product line to help you achieve balance and insight we also have many services to assist you. These include personal readings, past life regression, energy rejuvenation, higher consciousness, Reiki, Feng Shui, self empowerment, personalised ceremonies, space clearing, and crystal knowledge. 


I am Clairvoyant and I have been blessed with the ability to channel higher guidance from your personal Spirit Guides and/or your loved ones. Their words are loving, honouring, supportive and healing in a meaningful message that is meant especially for you. Our work together will help you achieve what it is that you seek most.

Readings may involve messages about current and/or past life issues, dream interpretation, or suggestions and guidance to assist in your healing and growth. The guidance channeled through me, helps you understand what it is that you may need and desire. They can support the positive choices you are making, giving credence to your decisions as you journey forward in life.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the wisdom and insights from the realms of Spirit and may the Goddess of Happiness be with you.

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour

~Available for Phone Readings

~Private Parties
Call for quote – (503)-962-9251

~Past Life Regression~

Past life regression is used in identify the issues that you brought forth from past life times to resolve in this life time. There are two ways in which I work with you regarding your past lives: 1) hands on body scanning, and 2) guided meditation. You are fully clothed on the table, encompassed in a grid of Crystals.

Hands on Body Scanning : I am able to retrieve information from your Spirit Guides often spanning three to six of your past life times. During your session your past life experiences may receive energetic healing.

Guided Meditation : During this session your Spirit Guides channel a guided meditation journey through me taking you back to a specific past life experience. I may use several modalities, assisting you on your past life journey. This allows you to bridge past and present life situations, thereby helping in your healing process.

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour

~Available for Phone Sessions

~Energy Rejuvenation~

Are you experiencing relationship, work, children, health, or other issues that are depleting your energy? If so energy rejuvenation may just be the thing you need.  While you are encompassed in a crystal grid, fully clothed, I channel energy into your body by means of touch, to integrate a healing to your Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual bodies. Using several energetic modalities, we clear blocks you are ready to release, helping you on your healing path. This process helps restore physical and emotional well-being, and gently rebalance and harmonize your energy flow. 

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour

~Higher Consciousness~

Connect your Physical and Spiritual Vibration
to Higher Dimensions

Fifth Dimension Light Body Activation :

We integrate your light body and physical body with energy. Channeled by the Pleiadians, I put you in a Crystal Triangle grid made up of Goddess Pele, Atlantis Dolphin, and Lemurian Sea Turtle. We vibrate energy through you as you journey, activating your light body with 5th Dimension energy.

Sixth Dimension Activation :

The Pleiadians and Archangel Metatron connect Feminine and Masculine crystal energies through your light body and physical body. The 4 directions, North, East, South and West connect and activate your Chakra’s with 6th Dimension energy.

Seventh Dimension Activation

The Pleiadians and Quantum Christ Energy absorb the Divine Feminine and Masculine crystal energies into oneness. This connects and activates you to the 7th Dimension.

The Ascension 12-Strand DNA Activation

The Pleiadians connect through crystal energy to the Eight Master Cells in your body and reconnect the 10 additional strands of DNA.

Fee: $140.00 per hour


Reiki is a form of stress reduction which promotes physical, emotional and mental healing. Energy flows from my hands to you via on body placements. This can create a state of deep relaxation.

Fee: $140.00 per hour

~Feng Shui~

What would you like to change in your life? Would you like more money, love, peace, health, creativity? Feng Shui is the repositioning of physical objects in your environment (home, office and business) to create peace and harmony.

To utilize this ancient art I tune into Higher Guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels. Then I suggest placement of your personal belongings while still respecting your preferences. A Feng Shui consultation with me can open blocked energies in your life thereby creating positive change.

Fee: $140.00 per hour

~I am available for in person consultation, and by phone using photographs

~Self Empowerment~

Empower yourself through Spiritual discovery, allow me to coach you through the obstacle course that is life. We approach difficult issues as they emerge. I use my Spiritual insight and tools to help you see the broader picture. Your Spirit Guides work through me by channeling information in a loving, healthy manner that honors you. Shine your light as you journey to freedom. Stand in your Power as the Divine Essence you are!

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour

~Personalized Ceremonies~

In Home Crystal Ceremonies for Manifesting your Intentions

I connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels to select crystals that will support and enhance the energies of your environment with your intention by creating a crystal layout in one central area of your home. Sound and/or burning Sage may be used to help uplift the energies to the desired frequency. Please feel free to include your own personal crystals, along with the ones I bring to your home for use in the ceremony.

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour

~Space Clearing~

Do you have unexplained happenings in your home? Spirits can be caught between dimensions, unable to pass over to the other side on their own. By working with your Spirit Guides and Angels, I help to clear your space of these entities. This can help transform your environment into a positive and loving one, free of disruptive forces. This may include the outside perimeter of your home. In ceremony, I use crystals and sage as well as other modalities. As a follow up to the space clearing, crystal grids are highly recommended for continued harmony in your home.

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour

~Crystal Knowledge~

Do you feel the power in crystals? Do you see visions when gazing into rocks? Are you curious on how to use crystals and gemstones and don’t know where to start, we can help you! Crystals include rocks, stones, and gems along with all other aspects of the Mineral Kingdom. Learn how to connect with your stones. Allow me to teach you how to use crystals for self improvement. Journey with your crystals via guided meditation. Find new and interesting ways meditation can help you improve your life. You can wear crystals, gemstones, and rocks, and include them in your home and work environment as wonderful healing allies. See past lives and how crystals may bridge your past and present.

Fee: $140.00 per hour / $70.00 half hour