In Gratitude

July 17, 2013

Hello Claire
I have just come from the bloom of your soul that is your home on the web. You are an enchanting person of purpose. I found everything fascinating and inspiring. Bless you on your journey. Know that who you are and what you do motivates people to manifest their own dreams. Thank you for sharing that which makes you authentic and unique. You should be very proud of where you are and where you are going. I honor and celebrate your path and passion. I wish you freedom, light and oneness with all.
May you embrace the unity of all things as you seek the light of truth and May love flow freely as you find the positive and awaken your higher consciousness.
Michael T.

April 18, 2013

Dear Claire,
I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I love the “Being” candle. My husband has never commented about any of my candles in 25 yrs of marriage. He tells me how much he enjoys this candle every time I have it burning. I have been intuitive for many years, I love the essence and infused energies that you have brought together.
Golden Light and Love,

September 2, 2012

Although I have only had the opportunity to have sessions with you on a few occasions, I feel the need to tell you the profound impact those meetings have had on my personal journey. I am most grateful for your guidance and encouragement in navigating this ever turning path! Good luck to you. See you at the coast! Gerri. A. Olympia, WA

November 18, 2010

I went to Claire on a recommendation. I knew she was a psychic and thought she would tell me about my future. Instead, she became a spiritual advisor to me. I have been seeing her for over a year. She has helped me immensely, taking me on a spiritual journey of growth and enlightenment. I had already started that journey by coming to Oregon, but she helped me grow and evolve into a more loving and caring person, especially to myself. She has helped me learn a new way to think, talk, and react to others. She has given me the tools through her calm way of teaching, without ever being preachy. I feel so blessed to have her as a part of my life. I know now that I was meant to come here in order to meet her. The universe works in unexpected and wonderful ways.
Her products are the perfect way to bring her essence of peace and calmness into my home when I’m feeling less than. I light one of her candles and/or relax in a bath that I’ve poured some of her salts and oil into, and instantly feel transformed. Everyday I can put a touch of her essential oil on and feel as if I can face the day armed for whatever may come my way. She suggested that I get one of her Goddesses with a crystal inside. I wasn’t sure which one to pick out. Claire had me hold them to decide. I immediately knew which one to get. I felt it’s energy. Amazing. She guides her clients to make their own decisions. I am always amazed at the outcome. I was purchasing a candle and bath salt as a gift, but was unsure which one to get. She suggested two different colors, yellow and purple. I finally listened to my inner self and chose yellow. When I gave the gift it turns out that this person was wearing a yellow apron and that yellow is her favorite color. I was totally blown away.
We have the power to create the life we want to live. Claire has helped me realize how and that I can accomplish anything I desire. I am ever so grateful to have
her in my life. XO Jan, Lincoln City, OR.

November 17, 2010

In working with Claire for some time I’ve been able to heal old wounds and false beliefs. She has taught me how to look at the world with a kinder eye.
Amy, Waldport, OR

November 16, 2010

I just picked up my special oil…and I LOVE it. It is just the right woodsy with a touch of sweet. Thank you so much. It is perfect. I hope I can order more in the future. So, I have a name for the oil you made me. It’s called Release. I keep hearing this name as I use it and smell it. Release is also happening for the people who choose this oil for my Yoga classes. They seem more willing to release themselves and go deeper into my sessions.

Thanks for letting me have a voice in naming this wonderful oil.
Many blessings to you. Nissa

December 16, 2009

A couple of months ago you changed my life in such a great way. You told me I would have a long journey with my boyfriend and you were so right. Thank you so much.
Candi, Oregon

November 20, 2009

I know what it is that I admire and appreciate about what you do, I just don’t have single words. So, I will list the key points and you will probably have a simple word to describe it.
KISS – keep it simple sister – this allows me to easily incorporate the new way in my daily life – as I shared with you, some of the practices that you instruct I have been prior taught in more lengthy processes.
Journeys to the past – I find these past life journeys really helpful in understanding what’s going on right now – you set a safe space, have substantial guidance – enabling me to step up.
Assisting me on my path – I appreciate that you have the tools (wherewithal) to explain & guide me to do it for myself.
Support & Encouragement- I am gratefully that you are warm and sincere.
Thank you one hundred fold . . .
Rickeyann, Salem, OR.

January 7, 2009

The sorrow I felt when Karen died put me into a cave with my life on hold. Karen was a mother, teacher, and healer to me. The fact that she chose Claire says so much.
I feel better since seeing Claire – improved and growing. Claire has integrity, brains, and a heart. Her abilities allow me the privilege and opportunity to hear wisdom of all time. Information is delivered in a caring manner untainted by ego and set up in a practical way to apply. I’ve been working on clearing and dealing with old baggage that has bogged me down.This includes old habits, autopilot judgments, and knee-jerk reactions. To work on having your full spirit at the wheel is a huge lesson along with learning to use my voice in a good way. Definitely, a ways to go on all of this, but thanks for the opportunity, knowledge and love. I feel very lucky and blessed.
With love, Jan Heywood, Otis, Oregon

November 19, 2008

It is with great pleasure and complete confidence that I sit down today to share with you my experience working with Claire. I sought Claire out at the urging of a friend who had been diagnosed with cancer and was seeing Claire for guidance as part of the treatment of the disease. From the very first meeting, Claire proved to be a wise and sensitive healer equipped with keen psychic abilities and a friendly, open��hearted demeanor.
Over the past year, Claire has helped me to transform my life and blossom into a stronger, healthier, more abundant and more joyful person. I struggled with lack of direction and courage to pursue my dreams and step into my power. Our sessions typically combined a variety of healing modalities including psychic readings, past life regression, energetic healing, ascensions to higher consciousness, mentoring, ceremonies, and extensive work with crystals. Claire’s uniquely effective style of combining various healing arts results in an elegant, spirit inspired healing session. Each time I met with Claire, I left feeling fantastic and enjoying greater clarity.
Claire helped me to connect more deeply with my spirit guides and angels. The energy healing relieved stress and stagnation within my body. The past life regressions clarified and resolved relationship and career issues that had plagued me for several years. Like a master musician, Claire’s free form style and specific expertise in different methods combined to hit just the right notes each time. Career, relationships, and other aspects of life are on track. I am soaring, thanks to Claire.
The highlight of the work for me was the ceremonies that raised my consciousness. I had spent most of my life feeling lonely. The process of raising my vibration connected me in such an intimate way with Spirit, my guides, and angels that it infused me with a constant flame of inner peace and security. Chronic loneliness and depression had been vanquished at last. What a joyful relief. And, no surprise here, a wealth of wonderful friends and experiences have emerged into my life.
It is with my whole, grateful heart that I recommend Claire as a healer, teacher, and mentor. She is simply magnificent. All who are blessed to find her are truly blessed.
Julie Gunderson, Bay City, OR

November 18, 2008

Claire, I find that your honesty, integrity and your caring in the work you do to be as much as the healing work itself. Thank you for being here.
Diane Braun, Cottage Grove, OR

November 17, 2008

I have had the pleasure of having several reading with Claire. The insight she has brought to me has allowed me to see my issues with open eyes. Her guidance with having me move my bed to better suit my energy, along with helping me get a better understanding on past issues, allowed me to view and release those issues. The automatic insight she brings has really help me on my path.
Vancouver, WA

September 4, 2008

Putting my experiences with Goddess Claire into words is almost impossible for me to do. This magnificent woman has changed my life. After the loss of my grandmother, I was desperately seeking guidance from someone that could see beyond the surface of things. With Claire, I found exactly that and much more. Her charismatic nature put me at ease almost immediately in my first session with her. The intuitive abilities Claire possesses are truly amazing. Since seeing her on a regular basis, I’ve grown so much as a person and know that she will help me become the best possible me I can be. And for that, I will always be grateful.
Rachel Garnick, Otis, OR

September 1, 2008

I met Claire after hearing about her from a trusted friend,a fellow
student of a beloved teacher who passed. Because of Her
recommendation, I called Claire, with the pink web site. Since then Claire’s work has become a normal and important part of my life.
The first session convinced me she was trustworthy and enormously gifted. My doubts about her ability to channel my guides and valid information has been laid to rest. Claire stands calmly in the truth of Spirit along with her truth without reaction, and provides a clear and logical response to the questions I ask in regards to her work.
Claire creates a setting that leaves one feeling totally safe and
respected. Her Feng Shui work is remarkable. My house has been
transformed. I delight in being in it. Her understanding and use of
crystals is profound. I have been amazed at how powerful this form
of healing can be.
Claire and the spirits that work through her get quickly to the point,
and ensure that important issues are resolved peacefully and
efficiently. At each session I am seriously made to work, and the work
continues between sessions. My sense is that my own limits are honored, and yet I am pushed gently beyond what I would do on my own. Yet throughout the deep and serious work that is done, the lightness of spirit always prevails.
I have an eager expectation of what this ongoing work will reveal.
Thank you, Claire.

August 29, 2008

Claire has a very profound connection with the people of Lemurian. She very expertly guided and assisted me as I once again revisited my Lemurian self and reactivated that part of my DNA. Claire energetically held space for me as I dived deep within myself and connected with my wonderful spirit animal guide who has not left my side since. For those of you who wish to reactive those dormant aspects of self I fully recommend Claire.
A Carlisle, Sausalito, Ca

August 25, 2008

I met Claire about a year and a half ago. Before that time, I had bodywork done from an extremely high healer, that unfortunately passed on a year earlier. As a healer myself, I know how important it is to have bodywork and also have guidance from those that can help with the life lessons, release past experiences that no longer serve us and help in the process of being who we are without blocks.
My guide/teacher that passed on found Claire to continue her work with the ones that she had worked with in this life. When my husband and I heard she was being channeled through Claire, we made an appointment and immediately had the validation that Claire was allowing her to use her body to give information and healing.
In the months that followed, Claire has proven over and over her clarity, dedication to Spirit, knowledge of many different types of healing modalities and her pureness of intent and willingness to help others on their path.
Not only would I highly recommend Claire, I will say that if my body worker/teacher/healer sought out Claire to be a channel for her, that in itself speaks volumes about Claire, because my healer who passed was, in my heart, the highest healer on this planet..
Sherry Richardson, Otis, OR.

June 6, 2008

Our family is going through a difficult and painful situation. Claire gave me a meditation to bring safety and healing for my children and me by visualizing the Archangel Michael for protection and the Archangel Rafael for healing. One day, while my 9 year old daughter drew a picture, my 12 year old son prayed to Archangel Michael. My daughter announced, I am going to take a very special picture.

She used my cell phone to snap this close-up of her curly cues and hearts. Superimposed over the lines of my daughter drawing was the very clear image of the tip of a finely crafted sword. I looked up the Archangel Michael on the internet. Many images from the Middle Ages show him carrying a sword just like this one. We all believe that the Archangel was with us that day. This image has given us all, particularly my son, strength and courage.
Virginia, Portland, Oregon

11 May 2008

You have given me so much in the 3 years I have known you. Your generosity of Spirit, knowledge, and intuitive abilities amaze and inspire me.Most often I feel you know me better then I know myself. You express what I have yet to realize is on my mind. You ask questions that enable me to see the truth, and inspire me to continue to seek it.Your work is not something you do for 40 hours a week. Instead, you are your work as your work is you.You truly are a Goddess, a Healer, a messenger of faith and hope and all that is good and right. You live to help others. You see, embrace, embody and communicate truth, spirit, love and light.

In the Spirit of Gratitude, I Thank you…………..Mary, Portland OR.

6 December 2007

My dear Goddess Claire,Thank! I visited the coast to see a friend and we came to have a visit with you. You gave me a reading and gave some good direction in placing my crystals under my bed. I did just what you told me and since September, my tumor is all but gone. I have no pain, and am very comfortable, and almost back to a “normal” life. I am a very spiritual person and know that my life is in God’s hands but I can not help knowing in my heart that the crystals you suggested for me have helped so much.
The Medical Professionals had given me a death sections, in August, they said 8 to 12 weeks. I never through I would be here for Christmas or feel so good.
All I know is that, God is good, life is good, having time is good and wanted to check in with you and say Thank You May the Gods bless you and keep you.
Barb Johnson,-Spokane, WA

4 August 2007

Claire! What vision. I was perplexed on a personal crystal layout for the firing of the grid. I knew what I wanted to experience. I knew a message for me was inbound. I couldn’t break the block inside of me.Claire, you were able to see through the mist and designed the layout for me. After the meditation and the Firing of the Grid, I saw and received a message. It was life changing.
Jeff Elkins,Vancouver WA

22 July 2007

I am pleased with the results of hiring Goddess Claire’s Feng Shui and house clearing services.
I began with the Feng Shui service as an aspect of preparing my house for sale. Results included the house appearing more polished and professionally put together. Additionally we had improved attendance to our open house.

To further enhance the Feng Shui’s energy on the house, I felt it was wise to add the clearing and Crystal cleansing ceremony. Goddess Claire performed the ceremony a few days later. The following weekend we had our largest attended open house, 20 people came through just days after the ceremony. The house’s energy is calmer, clearer and more welcoming. All of which are conducive to bringing in home buyers. I sold my house 4 weeks after for an acceptable price. The combined impact upon the house and my own renewed confidence are reasons I recommend Goddess Claire’s services highly.
Lori Seeborg, Beaverton, OR

23 May 2007

I must admit to being somewhat skeptical of the whole Feng Shui phenom, but that was before I had a session with Claire. Her insight and gentle wisdom got me to rearrange all the furniture in my house. And now the energy in my home can best be described as more… ‘alive, more intense.’ (intense in a good way)
Where I only saw problems in my life that couldn’t be solved, I’m now seeing situations for long-term personal growth.
I’m sorry I didn’t contact her sooner and you will be too, if you don’t start dialing.
J Kilgore, Seattle, WA
Done by phone with Photographs…

17 May 2007

Claire has truly helped me! I had another person before her who, although, had some helpful tips and used traditional Feng Shui rules, missed the mark. Claire’s very special skills at listening intuitively to my guides and her practical suggestions for simply moving my belongings, my chairs, my crystals my paintings, etc. resulted in an amazing shift of the flow of energy in my home. My friends have remarked on how my rooms look so different, They have asked me if I have new furniture or something (I don’t). All I had to do was move what I already had into a far more harmonious flow. I didn’t have to buy anything else to accomplish this. I have a deeper appreciation that my home is an extension of myself !
Lois Wolf, Troutdale, Oregon

30 March 2007

I met Goddess Claire in Portland. She was a manifestation of a desire I had to shift the energy in my house. Even before she arrived for our appointment I felt her bright vibration. Goddess Claire’s assistance was invaluable; I was given guidance about the source of the energetic clutter. With that information and the vibration assistance of Goddess Claire, things that were stuck began moving! When she left, I felt lighter, my space was brighter and through her generous sharing I was given tools to help open and balance my home.
Lisa, Portland, Oregon

25 March 2007

I had not had a content home for along time. I had been in emotional turmoil due to a forced moved and my new home was far from being joyous and comfortable. Claire’s suggestions, advice, and insight for placement of my furniture and treasured items were and are exactly what this house needed to become a home! The positive change in my home has become apparent not soon after Claire’s visit. I had a birthday party for a friend and the many guests marveled at my new home and wandered happily around looking at my artwork and pictures, commenting, all the while, about what a great place I have. What a welcome surprise this has been for me. Subsequent visits have also proven to be positive and nurturing. I would venture to say the positive changes here in my home have also given way to more of it in my life outside my home too. I am making new friends, my creative energies are flowing again, and when I look in the mirror in the mornings after a great night of sleep (my bedroom is very soothing after the Feng Shui) I see a smiling happy woman looking right back at me.
Marilynn, SE Portland, Oregon

2 April 2007

I asked Claire to help me Feng Shui my apartment. We made a few changes and things felt better immediately. I made notes and continued to work on her suggestions becoming more excited as I could feel the shifts of energy taking place. With Claire’s gentle guidance I began to learn and know myself when the energy flow wasn’t right in my apartment. Claire asked what I want in my life. I answered money to pay my bills and a relationship with a really great guy to share my life with. I have had money flow into my life and have been able to meet my financial obligations and with elation I share that we nailed the relationship realm! Shortly after we made the changes I met a fabulous man, who adores me as much as I adore him. We are very much in love. Thank you so much Claire!
Sherry Reed, Vancouver, WA

10 Jan 2007

Claire’s Feng Shui and Crystal work in my new residence has been very helpful for me to get re established for the new phase of my life. She did a Crystal Ceremony with me to celebrate moving into my new apartment and her ability to call and welcome positive spirits helped greatly. She has always brought a wonderful spirit into my life with her friendship and has provided comforting Hands on Energy work that has placed me in a position to utilize my own internal resources to exhibit the same kind of spiritual growth she has shown. I appreciate her qualities of showing me a different way to view life as I have watched her blossom from The Dragon Slaying Goddess to Goddess Claire.
Brian Chappell, Tillamook, Oregon

17 Dec 2006

Every time I look at my doll I not only see a person, a woman, I see myself and my friend Claire. She brings out the best in me, lifts me and my spirit up when I am down. She is the Goddess of Spirit. Her dolls are made to make you feel like a woman and to know your inner truth and worth.
Lynne Gomez
South San Francisco, California

17 Dec 2006

I have known Claire for 10 years and watched her transform from Claire Bear Pink to The Dragon Slaying Goddess into the Goddess of Spirit. I know she has finally transformed into person and soul that she is meant to be. She is a giving and loving person who wants to see and bring out the best in every person she touches. I love her for the beautiful soul that I have seen her become.
Becky Gallagher
Sacramento, California

15 Oct 2006

Fung Shui, Energy Work and Crystal Goddess are some of the services I received from Goddess Claire. Claire is a highly energetic and self motivated person. I have known her for the past 17 years of my life. She recently came to visit my home at which that time she shared her knowledge of Feng Shui, working with crystals, body and energy work. Claire’s technique are simple and very empowering. Just the motivation that was needed in my life at that time. After a few days of working on the house, I became aware of how much lighter I felt. The physical motion of throwing something away and giving something’s to others, along with moving things opened up energy channels that I had not experienced before and also ones that I had not felt for a very long time. The “big knot” that I was twisted in was coming unraveled. Never doubt the power of the human spirit. That is what Claire has shared with me. Her Dear friend always
Nancy Therrell, Ester Alaska

October 12, 2006

My Crystal Goddess is in my bedroom on my side table. She encourages me to continue on my lives journey. She protects me from the negative energy that comes into my life. She also brings a smile to my life every day when I look at her, for my sister has changed negative energy into positive energy.
Deborah Kontsas, Quincy, Mass