“Dear Claire, I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I love the ‘Being’ candle. My husband has never commented about any of my candles in 25 yrs of marriage. He tells me how much he enjoys this candle every time I have it burning. I have been intuitive for many years, I love the essence and infused energies that you have brought together.
Golden Light and Love.” – Deb

“Although I have only had the opportunity to have sessions with you on a few occasions, I feel the need to tell you the profound impact those meetings have had on my personal journey. I am most grateful for your guidance and encouragement in navigating this ever turning path! Good luck to you. See you at the coast!” – Gerri

“I went to Claire on a recommendation. I knew she was a psychic and thought she would tell me about my future. Instead, she became a spiritual advisor to me. I have been seeing her for over a year. She has helped me immensely, taking me on a spiritual journey of growth and enlightenment. I had already started that journey by coming to Oregon, but she helped me grow and evolve into a more loving and caring person, especially to myself. She has helped me learn a new way to think, talk, and react to others. Her products are the perfect way to bring her essence of peace and calmness into my home when I’m feeling less than. I light one of her candles and/or relax in a bath that I’ve poured some of her salts and oil into, and instantly feel transformed. She suggested that I get one of her Goddesses with a crystal inside. I wasn’t sure which one to pick out so Claire had me hold them to decide. I immediately knew which one to get, I felt it’s energy. She guides her clients to make their own decisions. We have the power to create the life we want to live. Claire has helped me realize how and that I can accomplish anything I desire. I am ever so grateful to have her in my life.” – Jan

“Claire! What vision. I was perplexed on a personal crystal layout for the firing of the grid. I knew what I wanted to experience. I knew a message for me was inbound. I couldn’t break the block inside of me. Claire, you were able to see through the mist and designed the layout for me. After the meditation and the Firing of the Grid, I saw and received a message. It was life changing.”
– Jeff  

“I must admit to being somewhat skeptical of the whole Feng Shui phenom, but that was before I had a session with Claire. Her insight and gentle wisdom got me to rearrange all the furniture in my house. And now the energy in my home can best be described as more… ‘alive, more intense.’ (intense in a good way)
Where I only saw problems in my life that couldn’t be solved, I’m now seeing situations for long-term personal growth. I’m sorry I didn’t contact her sooner and you will be too, if you don’t start dialing. Done by phone with Photographs…”
-J Kilgore

“Fung Shui, Energy Work and Crystal Goddess are some of the services I received from Goddess Claire. Claire is a highly energetic and self motivated person. I have known her for the past 17 years of my life. Claire’s technique are simple and very empowering. Just the motivation that was needed in my life at that time. After a few days of working on the house I became aware of how much lighter I felt. The physical motion of throwing something away and giving something’s to others, along with moving things opened up energy channels that I had not experienced before and also ones that I had not felt for a very long time. The ‘big knot’ that I was twisted in was coming unraveled. Never doubt the power of the human spirit. That is what Claire has shared with me.” – Nancy