The woman who dreamed it 

Hello my name is Claire and I grew up in a small town south of Boston in Massachusetts on the ocean, called Hull, known mainly for two things: Nantasket beach, and Paragon Amusement Park. As a young child, I knew I had psychic abilities but I knew very little about how to use them or develop them. My mother was also gifted with intuition but thought it best to discourage me from developing my psychic abilities to protect me from the criticism of others. As a teenager in high school I worked in a nursing home caring for elderly people and from that experience I was reminded how I needed to travel. I always knew I was going to join the Air Force when I grew up, so I signed up right after graduating. 

At 19 I started my journey of self discovery and world travel through the military. It provided me with so much knowledge and so many experiences that I continue to be grateful for in my life. While in the military, I got my wish and lived abroad in Okinawa; Japan, and it was the perfect place to reconnect with myself on a more spiritual level. I experienced visions, astral travel, and became attuned to communicating with my Spirit Guides, it was an amazing time. Later, in Fairbanks; Alaska, I renewed my strong connection with Mother Earth and the Goddess within myself, which I continued to do for many years and still do today.

When I left the military I was married and had two wonderful children. Spirits guided me to take certain jobs involving everything from gas station attendant, teaching groups of developmentally disabled and mentally ill people independent living skills, to working as a travel agent and in high end retail furniture stores. All these past employment experiences allowed me the learning experiences and growth I needed to step into my true-self.

Due to a change in circumstances at work in 2006, I knew that it was the right time for me to leave the company that I had worked at every day for the past year and a half. I felt it so strongly that I left my job within the first hour of the work day after having had two days off. It even surprised me as I realized it was in fact the first of June 2006, which was the date Spirit said I would leave. My Spirit Guides informed me that I was ready to move forward and it was time to work on the Oregon coast. Since I already knew people in the Lincoln City area, I began working at their stores on Wednesdays and Thursdays doing readings for customers in the area. I then was guided to open my own metaphysical shop in south Lincoln City.

When I started my business I was in my late 40s and by then had strengthened my ability to hear and see Spirit Guides and Angels significantly. There isn’t a moment that goes by where it is not all about listening to Spirits and following the guidance I receive everyday, sometimes every hour. 

I am a Spiritual being living in physical form and experiencing each day throughout my life’s journey. Like you, I strive for great love in my life, fulfillment in my work, and being surrounded with the love of family and friends. When people send me follow up messages after a session confirming the messages given to them through me by Spirit, it moves my heart and fills me with tears of joy. I still feel a sense of awe that I get to be a part of someone’s life journey for a moment or for many years. I love who I have become and feel fortified through Mother Earth.

My life’s work is to assist you with your healing and Spiritual development, and so I dedicate my life to helping others. As a Spiritual person there are many healing modalities I offer as part of my spiritual services that include personal readings, spiritual counseling, energy work and much more. I am certified in Reiki, Melody Crystal Healer, Native American Studies, and Shamanic Journey Skills. The most fulfilling part for me is watching people as they change and begin to really listen closely to their Spirit Guides’ messages. Recently my own Spirit Guides channeled the creation of my own product line called “Earth Creates Art” that was designed to help everyone reach their desired goals and manifestations for their own life journeys. You can learn more about these modalities and my product line by clicking to the services page and product page on this site. Please feel free to check out my product lines and healing center at  www.Sapphirecenter.net

Blessing to you all and may the Goddess of love be with you all,
Love Claire


When you come see Claire for a session more often than not you will met her  reigning princess, Princess Sophia.

A Place to Honor My Girls that have since left this Earth

Allow me to introduce you to my girls Princess Baby Sapphire Eileen (age 17) & Duchess Smittens Elizabeth (age 15). Both of these treasures were born in Fairbanks, Alaska, burr! They both lived with me and often traveled with me, including a road trip around the Lower 48. I was blessed to watch each of my girls spread their wings and take flight into Spirit world, the Princess at age 18 and the Duchess at age 17-1/2, and to this day they remain to be a beautiful part of my life. Thank you Girls for being one Spirit with me.