Thank You

My Place of Thanks to All who Touched My Life

At every step of the way in my journey,  the Spirit has provided the most wonderful people to come into my life to share my world and my joy with their gifts and unconditional love for me. This is the place on my web site that I choose to use specifically to remember people and give thanks to them for continuing to play such life altering roles in my life, and to look forward to all the new people that will become part of my life as I continue to journey forward.

To my two children Douglas and Krystal, who are the biggest gifts in my life, I am truly grateful and blessed to have them and share in my life, always and forever.

To my husband John, who assist me on my journey now and encourages me to grow and expand. Thank you for having faith in me and our journey together with Spirit.

To my Mother, who taught me about being a woman and how to accept people exactly for themselves, I thank you for the gift of acceptance. Even after she passed, she continues to teach me in Spirit form all the time. Thanks, Mom.

To my Father, who has taught me so much about forgiveness over the years, I thank you for being my Dad.

To the people whose names I need not mention, I thank you for teaching me lessons I was ready to learn no matter how challenging they might have been.

To all My Spirit Guides and Angels, who have been with me even when I thought I was lost, I thank you for the gift of hearing and insight so that I could follow your guidance faithfully even during the times I did not understand, yet knowing that I would understand at the perfect moment in time. I thank you for all of those perfect moments in time: past, present and future.

To the Universe and Mother Earth, I thank you for the gift of Spirit and God and for being with me always.

Blessing to you all
May the Goddess of Love be with you all
Love Claire